FIB Champions Cup (or Edsbyn Champions Cup) is international (pre-season) bandy tournament held annually in September on indoor Dina-Arena in Edsbyn, Sweden from 2004 when 8 strongest clubs from Sweden (6 from Elitserien) and Russia (2) competed for Cup for the first time. Next year the format was changed expanding the number of participants to 12 (Sweden-8; Russia-4). Russian champions Vodnik (in 2005) and Dynamo Moscow (2005; 2007; 2009) did not participate in the tournament - vacancies were filled by other Swedish clubs, and, once by Tornio (ToPV) (2005) from Finland.


Season Winner Finalist 3rd 4th
2004 Template:Flagicon Vodnik Template:Flagicon Edsbyn Template:Flagicon Västerås Template:Flagicon Sandviken
2005 Template:Flagicon Sandviken Template:Flagicon SKA Neftyanik Template:Flagicon Västerås Template:Flagicon Zorky
2006 Template:Flagicon Dynamo Moscow Template:Flagicon Zorky Template:Flagicon Edsbyn Template:Flagicon SKA Neftyanik
2007 Template:Flagicon Edsbyn Template:Flagicon Zorky Template:Flagicon Raketa Template:Flagicon Västerås
2008 Template:Flagicon Dynamo Moscow Template:Flagicon Edsbyn Template:Flagicon Vetlanda Template:Flagicon Dynamo Kazan
2009 Template:Flagicon Dynamo Kazan Template:Flagicon Zorky Template:Flagicon Sandviken Template:Flagicon Vetlanda
2010 Template:Flagicon Zorky Template:Flagicon Dynamo Moscow Template:Flagicon Sandviken Template:Flagicon Broberg