The Federation of International Bandy (FIB) is the international governing body for the sport of bandy. It was formed in 1955 in Stockholm, Sweden, and has had its base in Sweden since 1979. The present offices are situated in Katrineholm.

The federation was named the International Bandy Federation (IBF) between 1957 and 2001. The current name was adopted at a request from the International Olympic Committee when the IOC made bandy a "recognized sport", since the acronym IBF was already in use by the International Badminton Federation. In 2004 FIB was fully accepted to IOC.[1]

When FIB was formed in 1955, it introduced the same rules for bandy all over the world. Especially in Russia, different rules had been used prior to this. Bandy World Championships are organized for men since 1957 and for women since 2004.

The newest member is Japan.[2]

Members and years of admissionEdit

Country: Year: National Federation: National team: Note:
Template:Flag 2008 Bandy Federation of Argentine
Template:Flag 2008 Armenian National Federation of Bandy
Template:Flag 2006 Australian Bandy Federation
Template:Flag 1999 Belarusian Bandy Federation Template:Country data Belarus
Template:Flag 1986 Canada Bandy [3] Template:Country data Canada
Template:Flag 2010 Chinese Winter Sports Federation
Template:Flag 2010
Template:Flag 2002 Eesti Jääpalliliit [4] Template:Country data Estonia
Template:Flag 1955 Suomen Jääpalloliitto [5] Template:Country data Finland Founding member
Template:Flag 1988 Magyar Bandy Szövetség [6] Template:Country data Hungary
Template:Flag 2002 Bandy Federation of India
Template:Flag 2006 Bandy Federation of Ireland
Template:Flag 2003 Federazione Italiana Bandy
Template:Flag 2011 Japan Bandy Federation
Template:Flag 1994 Kazakhstan Bandy Federation Template:Country data Kazakhstan
Template:Flag 2004 Bandy Federation of Kyrgyzstan
Template:Flag 2006 Latvijas Bendija Federācija [7] Template:Country data Latvia
Template:Flag 2008 Lithuanian Bandy Association
Template:Flag 2002 Bandy Federation of Mongolia Template:Country data Mongolia
Template:Flag 1973 Nederlandse Roller sports en Bandy Bond [8] Template:Country data Netherlands
Template:Flag 1955 Norges Bandyforbund [9] Template:Country data Norway Founding member
Template:Flag 2005 Bandy Federation of Poland
Template:Flag 1992 All Russian bandy federation [10] Template:Country data Russia Replaced the Soviet Union
Template:Flag 2006 Bandy Federation of Serbia
Template:Flag 1955 Svenska Bandyförbundet [11] Template:Country data Sweden Founding member
Template:Flag 2006 The Bandy Federation of Switzerland
Template:Flag 2008 Ukrainian Bandy and Rinkbandy Federation [12]
Template:Flag 1981 American Bandy Association [13] Template:Country data United States

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