Rodina Bandy Club is a Russian bandy club from Kirov that was founded in 1934. The team plays in the West Russian League. It reached the quarter finals of the Bandy World Cup in 2007.

2007 squadEdit

No. Position Player
1 Template:Flagicon GK Nikolay Zykin
2 Template:Flagicon DF Ilya Anfilatov
3 Template:Flagicon DF Dmitri Cherapanov
6 Template:Flagicon DF Mikhail Mokhov
7 Template:Flagicon FW Vyacheslav Bronnikov
8 Template:Flagicon MF Alexander Simonov
9 Template:Flagicon FW Andrei Morokov
10 Template:Flagicon FW Konstantin Zubarev
12 Template:Flagicon MF Denis Slautin
13 Template:Flagicon MF Alexey Lanskikh
No. Position Player
14 Template:Flagicon DF Mikhail Zhdanov
15 Template:Flagicon DF Dmitri Evtjushin
16 Template:Flagicon MF Alexander Ronzhin
17 Template:Flagicon FW Alexander Dudin
18 Template:Flagicon MF Sergey Shaburov
19 Template:Flagicon DF Alexey Kuznetsov
20 Template:Flagicon FW Sergey Perminov
21 Template:Flagicon DF Andrey Klabukov
23 Template:Flagicon GK Alexey Bushuyev
81 Template:Flagicon GK Dmitry Vershinin

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